Land Administration

Exdocs is an ideal partner for your land administration requirements. Our document generation features can create, configure, and print leases and permits, ready-to-sign, with just a few clicks. Your past and future land documents can be stored by Exdocs on a parcel-by-parcel basis, and tied to existing or future GPS warehousing. Exdocs will automatically notify your staff or constituents based on your requirements, to let them know when to renew a lease, inspect for construction, and more.

Use Exdocs to:
• involve proponents with your communities in a shared, online dialogue
• produce calendars for staff and reports on demand
• take control of your jurisdiction

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Environmental Assessment

Exdocs streamlines the collection of vital documents from regulatory bodies. Our interactive and intuitive user interface enables specialists to contribute their comments remotely, and administrators to collate a complete response with just a few clicks. Exdocs can manage arbitrary workflows: divide tasks by industry, region, permit type, and more. Exdocs systems will track post-decision commitments and to monitor cumulative effects.

Use Exdocs to:
• engage the right people with the right projects
• maximize time for response
• bring your assessment process into the moment

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Regulatory Review

Show your proponents at a glance whether they need a permit in your jurisdiction. Exdocs will manage their applications, automatically referring them to the right agencies. Use Exdocs to generate a calendar for your staff, to help direct them to their most pressing concerns. Calculate and generate invoices, deposit slips, and monitoring worksheets on demand. Meet your mandate to file a public registry, allowing anyone to stay on top of land developments as they take place.

Use Exdocs to:
• provide a single online point of entry for your proponents
• automatically stream relevant documents to a public registry
• store project documents and workflows

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